Gladwell Spin Mop

Oh my goodness – when Gladwell offered to send me this mop for review I was so excited – this new home is filled with hardwoods – and with 2 dogs and all the rain lately it is so hard to keep up with the paw prints everywhere ! This was so simple – I just snapped on the handle – charged it ( full. Charge was 15 min ) then I added some floor cleaner ( I used Bruce but I think you can use whatever you like ) then I went at it. -and is it possible that mopping the floors can be fun? Yes! When you see results like I did – I was pretty much dancing with the mop – there is something about the way the pads rotate that truly cleans and polishes! I have that regular back and forth one we all use but this is SOOOO much better !! And the pink pads can be washed and reused – win win for the environment !! Also – there are waxing pads included – but being a new home I don’t need to wax at this time – so the hardwoods cleaned like a dream – then on to the. . Bathrooms which are tile – I put some all purpose disinfecting liquid cleaner in with the water and again – WOW!! Shiny and clean and no germs – so- my husband wanted to “store ” this mop in the garage on a hook – and I said heck no ! It’s staying in the pantry ready at all times ! I seriously use this thing more than once a day ! If you have pets you know 😉 and even just loading the dishwasher when water splatters on my floor – it spots – so I give it a quick mop and I’m so happy . I recently hired a crew to come in once a month to do the floors and baseboards because with my bad back I just hurt after that job- I’m sorry but they may be out of this job because even my daughter noticed my floors look better than ever lately 😉 Thanks to for making this not fun chore so enjoyable !! i literally DANCE with my spinmop!!Until June 6, 2019 you can get this mop for 25% off with code Gigi25%


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