PortionProRx Pet Feeding System

the perfect solution to automatically feed you pet the contact amount of food



Do you have pets that steal each others food?  My house had 2 dogs and 2 cats..and the dogs think the cat food is like candy. 

PortionProRX is a Veterinary Designed Feeding system to put an end to that behavior. 


The feeder is simple to set up, plug it in and set the time. Next set the number of feedings and the amount of food to allow. The last part is to hold up the RFID technology tags and with allow or deny them access to this feeder. In my case I deny the dogs. So when they come sniffing , even tho I feed the cats on the laundry room counter they can steal food!  Now the door closes to the feeder, recognizing they do not have access. 

When I first set this up I have to say my finicky cat just wouldn’t not hear it…. she didn’t like the collar. she didn’t like the motorized sound of the cover . Murfee my orange cat adapted very quickly.   The folks at PortionPro have an email for support of a number to call….and they tell you all kinds of things you can do to coax the kitty to enjoy the new feeder. They told me to give her time and lots of praise, and give her a little treat for wearing her collar. They also suggested  a figure 8 harness for her.


and she eventually did it. 

their support number is 877-838-7779


they also have an email info@portionprorx.com


Right now they have an amazing sale …you don’t need any codes…check them out at 



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