I just received my primo water station and Im excited to go get the refillable water jug and set it up

So the system arrives all in one box, Im happy about that. Next I needed to head to the store and pick up a jug of water. This is very simple, as they have e link to find water in your area , click HERE to see . In my town I have a Homedepot , a Walmart and a kroger right up the street so this was easy . I purchased a 5 gallon jug. The unit I received is the bottom loading Htrio dispenser, it makes hot and cold water as well as k cup coffee!!

What game changer, I didn’t not realize how much waste we were contributing to landfills with our disposable water bottles. I want to be healthier as well as better to my environment, but our town water tastes gross!! The neat thing about this company is they look up your municipality and can recommend the best water for YOU. It is like night and day when you get a drink of cold water and it tastes great! ( our town water tastes like swimming pool water)


So, your first bottle costs more and when you return it, the exchange bottle is 1/2 price. EVERY 5-gallon bottle saves 1100 single-serve bottles from the landfill (or ocean), so this system really means you’re not contributing to any unnecessary waste. Each bottle is used 40-50 times before being recycled and made into a new bottle. They’re sanitized between each new fill. My bottle may look a bit beat up but I have been assured its completely sanitized.

I totally love the k cup feature in this appliance! its so easy and fast, and my coffee never tasted as great. The hot water feature is great, its always ready and you can make a quick cup of tea or instant soup. The safety feature is that you must hold the red button down while holding your cup up..thats too hard for a child to do and brilliant so they don’t get burned.


You need to check their website at PRIMO WATER , they have so many items, not just this dispenser. Perhaps its not in your needs or your budget, you might want a countertop dispenser..there are so many options. As a BONUS if you sign up for text alerts on their site you will get 20% off their dispensers!


The reverse osmosis system makes your water taste so good you will drink more of it which is so healthy. Your coffee will never be as good! And the landfills will be many reasons to love this product.


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