Skylight Digital Frame

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The perfect gift for a loved one far away, new parents, newlyweds, anyone that loves pictures!

I partnered with Skylight frames to bring you a great digital frame with a discount! Use code

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I’m giving this to my parents because they winter in Florida, and although they love it they also miss family. This frame doesn’t take a techie to make it work. You go to the website and you get a free email account where your friends and family will upload their pictures. Within a second, the pictures appear on the frame.

The interactive part is , say my nephew sends a photo  of  himself to my parents, they can hit the love (heart)  button and he will get an email saying your grandparents love the photo you shared.

The email is free..and no text will be downloaded to the frame just photos…so simple. The only part that you have to do is connect the frame to your wifi and the screen gives you great prompts.

The frame is about 10 inches long,  inside the mat dimensions are 5 x 7 inches. Perfect size to keep on your counter or your end  table.

the photos I uploaded are clear and perfect .

You also have the option of deleting photos and scrolling though them faster.


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