Faith, Hope , Love

And now these three remain: Faith, hope , and love. But the greatest of these is love.



What a thrill and honor that I was able to take part in my parents lenten rosary that they say on Friday’s during lent at their condo. Sometimes there are as many as 15 drop ins…today it was my parents, myself, and one elderly gentleman that was recently widowed. He was a joy to meet, with such faith and love of God which has obviously gotten him through the past rough months.


My mind continues to weigh heavy on the news about the spreading virus. I want my parents to go home to Cape Cod where they are close to their own hospitals and family. Ive been raised that you respect your parents and don’t tell them what to do…but I can’t help worry this is not good situation. Time will tell but I will not listen to rumors just facts.


One cannot have hope without faith….when people have hope they have faith, because they hold a belief that says “I believe that the future will be better ” . ¬†and while they have no grounds to ‘prove’ the hopeful assumption, they have faith in it. While faith without hope is possible, Hope without faith is Not.

By HomewithGigi

Learning to live my best life.....trusting God more, enjoying my family, decorating a smaller house - and enjoying the beach, helping my workaholic husband figure out retirement - remodeling our Florida getaway

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