Quarantine Days

“Do not be afraid “ is written in the Bible exactly 365 times – perhaps it’s to remind us daily 💙

Worry is a sin against hope – we should all be concerned but not worried – leave that up to God and as people just do YOUR part- social distancing and continue to pray  – these are wise words I heard this morning from Archbishop Timothy Dolan .

I am guilty of letting anxious feelings get ahold of me lately and the best thing I’m reminded to do is Give it to God – we have great Scientists  doing what they can and we need to let them work and listen to them – with concern not worry . Pray for our vulnerable people and all the first responders – there is a light at the end of this – that is promised 

By HomewithGigi

Learning to live my best life.....trusting God more, enjoying my family, decorating a smaller house - and enjoying the beach, helping my workaholic husband figure out retirement - remodeling our Florida getaway

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