Lucid Mattress 5 zone lavender infused mattess Topper

This 2 inch thick lavender infused mattress topper was a Godsend. I have not been sleeping well wondering what this Cornoavirus in China means for us. They are saying it could spread here and be the most dangerous thing we have seen since the plaque. I lay awake at night and worry…which is never good. I always say give it to God….But I also have need to protect my family. My parents are getting on in years and my daughter is 1000 miles away and not feeling Im allowed to worry.

This mattress pad came after a week of tossing and turning…every time I try to sleep I wake up soon after with pain. certain pressure points just hurt at my age. Well we let this sit out for 24 hours as directed. It went from a flat pancake to almost 3 inches thick!! the zones of convoluted material are amazing and beautiful the sametime. the scent of lavender is gently and not at all overpowering. I sank into my bed and it was like a gently caress….the feeling you get when you are floating….so cozy and comfortable. Florida is hot and this did not retain body heat at all which is another great point. check out their website for many great options . I love it so much They sent me another one for my Ohio place…Many thanks to them.

By HomewithGigi

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