PetSafe Spray Bark Collar

I was very excited when PetSafe reached out to me to try their behavior changing bark collars. My dogs are usually sleeping most of the day. We live on a very quiet little circle of a street , and not much traffic passes by.

UPS and Amazon do make deliveries here daily…Either to my home or one of the neighbors. Since they usually bring a dog treat or two, my dogs wait.

During this pandemic when all of our world became quiet and we stayed inside… the only excitement around here was a delivery! The older dog started to bark one she heard the truck, the younger dog followed ins suit…you could be on a conference call and suddenly hear the roar of 2 labradoodles barking!!

These pet collars are so simple to wear. You charge them up with the included USB charger. Then you add a pre filled citronella cartridge and out it on the dog. When they bark it gives a gentle quick spray that startles them and stops the bad behavior , ( in my case, barking )

You can get you dog collar here . #petSafe

I am giving them a great review and thank them for the golden silence

By HomewithGigi

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