Skylight Digital Frame

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The perfect gift for a loved one far away, new parents, newlyweds, anyone that loves pictures!

I partnered with Skylight frames to bring you a great digital frame with a discount! Use code

for $10 off

I’m giving this to my parents because they winter in Florida, and although they love it they also miss family. This frame doesn’t take a techie to make it work. You go to the website and you get a free email account where your friends and family will upload their pictures. Within a second, the pictures appear on the frame.

The interactive part is , say my nephew sends a photo  of  himself to my parents, they can hit the love (heart)  button and he will get an email saying your grandparents love the photo you shared.

The email is free..and no text will be downloaded to the frame just photos…so simple. The only part that you have to do is connect the frame to your wifi and the screen gives you great prompts.

The frame is about 10 inches long,  inside the mat dimensions are 5 x 7 inches. Perfect size to keep on your counter or your end  table.

the photos I uploaded are clear and perfect .

You also have the option of deleting photos and scrolling though them faster.


PeachSkinSheets the best Luxury sheets EVER!

Temperature controlled high performance luxury sheets now in the most amazing teal color.


Im a huge fan of these sheets, I worked with this company this summer during a heatwave. My first set of sheets were in the color Almond. A perfect neutral .My first experience with these sheets was amazing. Im always waking up very warm, especially during the heatwave. The Original PeachSkinSheets® has moisture wicking properties like sports apparel, and that technology can actually keep you feeling cool ! The extra deep 18 inch  pockets on the sheets are perfect. They stay tucked into place.

These sheets are hypoallergenic and so durable…they also have anti microbial factors which helps with my dust mite allergies .

The sheets are so easy care. They have a wrinkle release property , A quick wash with warm water, then I throw them in the dryer with my dryer balls for 20 minutes on medium and they come out wrinkle free. I have washed these countless times and there is absolutely no shrinkage or pilling. As you can see our dogs like them as much as we do. For this reason I wash them probably more than I need to 😉

The new sheets arrived 2 weeks ago. I washed them when they arrived and put them on the bed. I am so impressed with the richness of the color., which is called the REAL TEAL. A color so beautiful..Especially for a mermaid at heart like me.

After many years of traveling to very nice resorts I have to admit I am a bit of a sheet snob.  These sheets are pure luxury. They are so soft yet they don’t slip and slide all over the bed.

Gift giving this year will be so easy, These sheets have 1500 Thread Count Luxurious Feel and are surprisingly affordable . You can also purchase sheets separately or maybe you like extra pillowcases like I do .

An awesome fact about this company is if you are unsure on colors or even the feel of the sheets, you can order a color swatch! You will not be disappointed.

You can order your FREE swatch by clicking HERE 

Its November and its suddenly very cold, So I was able to test the temperature control sheets out and they did not disappoint! I stayed warm on nights when I normally would be feeling freezing sheets!  I can’t tell you enough great things, they keep you cozy when its cold, and when its hot they don’t make you sweat…they are like miracle sheets.


Check out their Facebook page HERE


Its an honor for me to bring you brands that I love and when I continue to show you their products you can rest assured this is one of my  favorites.



CopperCure Copper Mugs

Coppecure recently sent me these mugs to review. I am loving all things copper this Fall. They work great with my mostly blue and white decor. The warmth of the color of copper is beautiful.

These mugs are 16 oz and have a straight profile.Some moscow mule type mugs have around belly, these are different. They copper is beautifully hammered and the weight of the mug is perfect in the hand. I hav eerie these with cold mixed drinks and they stay cold for a very long time.

I think these are a must for summer entertaining. I also tried hot cocoa and that stayed warm so these can be used everyday.

The bonus was the copper reusable straws that came with….and also a set of 4 wooden coasters. This would brake the mist perfect housewarming gift . The price on AMAZON is so affordable. $27 for the set. will link it HERE and please know I am also an amazon affiliate and do make a small percentage from sales to keep this blog alive .


I just received my primo water station and Im excited to go get the refillable water jug and set it up

So the system arrives all in one box, Im happy about that. Next I needed to head to the store and pick up a jug of water. This is very simple, as they have e link to find water in your area , click HERE to see . In my town I have a Homedepot , a Walmart and a kroger right up the street so this was easy . I purchased a 5 gallon jug. The unit I received is the bottom loading Htrio dispenser, it makes hot and cold water as well as k cup coffee!!

What game changer, I didn’t not realize how much waste we were contributing to landfills with our disposable water bottles. I want to be healthier as well as better to my environment, but our town water tastes gross!! The neat thing about this company is they look up your municipality and can recommend the best water for YOU. It is like night and day when you get a drink of cold water and it tastes great! ( our town water tastes like swimming pool water)


So, your first bottle costs more and when you return it, the exchange bottle is 1/2 price. EVERY 5-gallon bottle saves 1100 single-serve bottles from the landfill (or ocean), so this system really means you’re not contributing to any unnecessary waste. Each bottle is used 40-50 times before being recycled and made into a new bottle. They’re sanitized between each new fill. My bottle may look a bit beat up but I have been assured its completely sanitized.

I totally love the k cup feature in this appliance! its so easy and fast, and my coffee never tasted as great. The hot water feature is great, its always ready and you can make a quick cup of tea or instant soup. The safety feature is that you must hold the red button down while holding your cup up..thats too hard for a child to do and brilliant so they don’t get burned.


You need to check their website at PRIMO WATER , they have so many items, not just this dispenser. Perhaps its not in your needs or your budget, you might want a countertop dispenser..there are so many options. As a BONUS if you sign up for text alerts on their site you will get 20% off their dispensers!


The reverse osmosis system makes your water taste so good you will drink more of it which is so healthy. Your coffee will never be as good! And the landfills will be many reasons to love this product.


PortionProRx Pet Feeding System

the perfect solution to automatically feed you pet the contact amount of food



Do you have pets that steal each others food?  My house had 2 dogs and 2 cats..and the dogs think the cat food is like candy. 

PortionProRX is a Veterinary Designed Feeding system to put an end to that behavior. 


The feeder is simple to set up, plug it in and set the time. Next set the number of feedings and the amount of food to allow. The last part is to hold up the RFID technology tags and with allow or deny them access to this feeder. In my case I deny the dogs. So when they come sniffing , even tho I feed the cats on the laundry room counter they can steal food!  Now the door closes to the feeder, recognizing they do not have access. 

When I first set this up I have to say my finicky cat just wouldn’t not hear it…. she didn’t like the collar. she didn’t like the motorized sound of the cover . Murfee my orange cat adapted very quickly.   The folks at PortionPro have an email for support of a number to call….and they tell you all kinds of things you can do to coax the kitty to enjoy the new feeder. They told me to give her time and lots of praise, and give her a little treat for wearing her collar. They also suggested  a figure 8 harness for her.


and she eventually did it. 

their support number is 877-838-7779


they also have an email


Right now they have an amazing sale …you don’t need any codes…check them out at


Sweese Porcelain Coffee Mugs

I love these porcelain mugs in all the shades of blue


     Sweese is a new company to me When they asked me to try out their coffee mugs I was so excited! Coffee is my drink of choice!

The set of 6 is only $36.99 on amazon, making these a perfect gift item





I have to say right out of the box they are so pretty

the shades of blue are like a beautiful sky.

You can click here to purchase

Each mug is a generous 16 ounces , perfect for my morning coffee. using my coffee maker I choose 10 ounces as the pour size and these will absolutely accommodate that.

Sweese also offers a 30 day breakage policy! I have never heard of a company doing that before…



After multiple times in and out of the dishwasher and the comfortable feel in my hands I can totally recommend these cups for you all. Sweese also has more products, like tea cups and plates..

Check them out!  My amazon page links a lot of their items, click here for that

Lovely Decor from B.S.E.I.D

Copper Pumpkin, Cheese tray, and Cloth Napkins

 Blue Sky Environments Interior Decor

Thanks to BSEID for gifting me this gorgeous fall decor !

BSEID is saluting the creative spirit, innovative designs and artful craftsmanship of our country’s artisans and makers. This collection of unique, and in some instances one-of-a-kind pieces, are sure to inspire by giving a 
unique flair and personal touch to any decor.

Be sure to look at their Website B.S.E.I.D

I love the copper pumpkin – it’s quite large and has such warm tones .

The tray would be perfect for wine and cheese – shown here as a place for decor .

The set of 6 napkins remind us to live thankfully – one of my favorite mantras

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Please visit them at B.S.E.I.D on Instagram or the web

#haveablueskyday #B.S.E.I.D


Outshine Company

What a fabulous female run company I have had the pleasure of collaborating with

I just received the cutest cookie jar and utensil holder . They are such a beautiful shade of aqua . they look sort of retro , but modern at the same time if that makes sense

In my white kitchen I love a pop of color so these are perfect. Tiffany blue to go with my hydrangeas that are still blooming!

The cookie jar is a great size and has a tight fitting lid so cookies stay fresh. They also pair real well with my Rae Dunn collection . These cookie jars are made of powder coated metal and have HUGE capacity! they can fit ups to 3 bags of Oreos or about 20 monster sized cookies.

The utensil holder is the same color and holds my spoons and spatulas . Check out Outshine they sell on amazon for super quick shipping . I love Collaborating with this company..Female powered and FUN! one of their statements is,

“A mix of positivity, humor and creativity goes a long way. We believe in being authentic, honest and learning every day.” I fit right in

Check out their line on my amazon store

also follow them on instagram!!

kasentex Bedding


 @Kasentex sent me this lovely new bedding for my guest room. -I LOVE companies that give back ! Right now Kasentex is offering a great sale for you ( link on my link tree) and 5 % of each sale goes to #backtoschool#fooddrive program – 
My review – this bedding is such a pretty color and such soft cotton . It’s the perfect weight for our Florida home – cozy but not heavy . Looks much more expensive than it is ! With so many patterns and colors to choose from good luck 😉 .

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gorgeous lightweight seafood green cotton comforter from Kasentex
Gorgeous SeaFoam green cotton quilted comforter set from Kasentex

Arthur Court Designs Seashell Tray

🧜‍♀️𝕊𝕖𝕒𝕤𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕤 𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕝𝕖𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕚𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕤𝕒𝕟𝕕🧜‍♀️

@arthurcourt gifted me this fabulous 18 inch long tray with handmade aluminum accents of seashells..prefect for my mermaid style

The tempered glass has a wavy texture making it look like moving waves.The sand cast aluminum shells are so lifelike its truly a work of art

#arthurcourt #arthurcourtdesigns @arthurcourt